Our aluminum props allow to reach height of over 6,25 m guarantee superior loads than the classic steel prop.

The especially designed nut allows an extremely precise adjustment of height.

On request of the costumer the props could be delivered epoxy painted.

ø 105 PROP

ALUPUNT1051 1500 x 2500 mm (cod. PUNT2500105)
ALUPUNT1052 2000 x 3500 mm (cod. PUNT3500105)
ALUPUNT1053 4000 x 5500 mm (cod. PUNT5500105)
ALUPUNT1054 4800 x 6250 mm (cod. PUNT6250105)

ø 70 PROP

ALUPUNT701 1080 x 3050 mm (cod. PUNT305070)
ALUPUNT702 2900 x 4200 mm (cod. PUNT420070)

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