Eurodeck Grid is the ideal pouring formwork for wide and middle-sized ceilings.

Eurodeck system is characterized by the using of both aluminum props and UNI-EN 1065 shoring systems.

This system and its complementary accessories, grants the maximum flexibility even in presence of obstacles as walls and pillars.


The lightweight of the netting structure allows more and maneuverability and better matches with playwood, yellow panels and hollow block.


Eurodeck Formwork System consists of panels fixed to an aluminum structure.

The use of the aluminum beams enables the reduction of the quantity of props and frees up more space under the structure, optimizing the time and space for the transport.


Eurocom is a slab support system consisting solely of drophead shores, EN1065 props and CPH20 beams.

The CPH20 primary beams are installed into the dropheads that are connected to the props. Dropheads have been designed for using both props and wood beams at maximum resistance capacity. The layout, that will respect the limit of the permissible indicator equal to spans of 1/500, will be chosen according to slab thickness.


• Feasibility of premature dismantling  • Flexible layout • Simply to use • Easy to assemble • Few components required • Wide underlying walkways


MULTICOM prop towers are the most simple and economic solution for scaffolding high level constructions with high load bearing capacity. MULTICOM structures made up with the multidirectional system are distinguishable as they are so simple to assemble and for their top mechanical characteristics, up to 5 tonnes for each standard, 25 tonnes for each prop tower. The modularity of its components and its adjustable base and forks enable to put up props at any height with great precision.

The MULTICOM propping system can be used for any kind of constructions with high loading capacities and at high levels. It is ideal for creating underpasses, box conduits, dosserets, viaducts and very thick floors in general. MULTICOM towers have CPH20 beams for primary and secondary frame reinforcement.

The surface counter casting is provided with formwork panels.

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